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Ophthalmologist: When Should You Pay Ophthalmologist a Visit?

Aging and your eyes: when should you go see an ophthalmologist?

Ophthalmologist: as we age, our body ages, our skin, and joints join organs and muscles, but our eyes age too. When we are young, the lenses in our eyes, called natural crystalline lenses, are clear and flexible and can focus freely from near to far. People of all ages may need glasses that help them see from a distance or closer, but when we are younger, this is usually due to the shape of the eye.

After age 40, the natural lens begins to become more opaque and cloudy, which means that the lens can no longer focus. This condition is called presbyopia. All eyes age at different speeds, but the older we get, the darker the glasses become and the less flexible, and the likelihood of needing help to read or see up close becomes more obvious and many older people begin to develop

When should you see an ophthalmologist or ophthalmic clinic?

Although the majority of the population wear glasses at an early age and regularly follow an ophthalmologist or visit an eye clinic, there are indications that you can see more to indicate that it is necessary to consult a specialist for reading or near vision.

Little boy having eye test at ophthalmologist office


It is difficult to read or perform other tasks and discover that you must move things to read or see details.

You start having a headache when you read or do homework.

It is difficult to read fine print in low light.

Develop painful eyes when reading or doing close-up tasks.

The above signs may mean that you must undergo a complete eye exam and closely examine the reading or vision solutions.

Reading solutions and close-ups

You can choose from several options to closely examine the reading and vision solutions.

Reading glasses off the platform

These are reading glasses that you can buy in most supermarkets or pharmacies, and even in other stores. They are usually inexpensive and may be the first “quick fix” you buy when you notice you need help with near vision.

Although they may be a good option to start, especially if you are waiting for an appointment with an ophthalmologist, they may not completely correct your vision. If you have a different reading prescription in each eye and can not correct the astigmatism, the reading glasses can not be corrected. Although they may be a good temporary option, you should be sure to visit an ophthalmic clinic for a complete eye exam.

Reading glasses with prescription

These are made-to-measure lenses by an optician to match your prescription reading / near vision. They will take into account all differences in eye strength, astigmatism and will adapt well to your face.

Bifocal or trifocal glasses

These glasses are for people who need glasses for near, intermediate and far vision. Some people do not like to wear more than one pair of glasses and bifocals that correct near vision and far vision, and trifocal glasses correct near vision, intermediate vision, and far vision. . Both options are completely customized for you and your eyes.

Treatment options (ophthalmologist)

Nowadays, many people consider that glasses are annoying and do not fit their lifestyle, but there is a solution to this problem, the surgical treatment to correct near vision and / or cataract called exchange of refractive lenses. This treatment is very similar to cataract surgery, where the natural lens is removed by phacoemulsification and a new artificial lens is inserted in its place.

If you have a cataract, this operation is called “Cataract surgery”, but if you have this treatment just for vision correction, it is called “changing refractive lenses” and eliminating the development of cataracts in the future.

There are several different lens options that can be implanted and the one you choose will be decided by your ophthalmologist taking into account the relevance, the way of life and your expectations. All lens options are available in a variety of strengths or can be customized for your eyes and there are also options

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