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Pasta: Tips for Cooking (PASTA) Good

Pasta: Tips for cooking (MACARONI) Good

This is one of the principal “concerns” of the kitchen. Do we imply cooking the pasta to the grain because that did not leave it sweet when I wanted to leave the macaroni noodles? Or did you think the spaghetti was tender and it would have taken a bit longer to cook?

If you ask yourself well with the time provided by the manufacturer on the packaging, it is not known if the pasta is shiny is that it is noodles or already gone, and especially if you are tired of your burn noodles with tongue flavor to see if you already They are cooked or if you have to leave it for a little more time, do not miss our tips for cooking pasta.


We are like that Italian grandmother we all want … but with less wrinkles. Come on!

Do not be sufficient water in the pan: in this way the dough will not stick and be well hydrated.

It does not have enough water in the pan: in this way, the dough will not stick and it will be well hydrated.

Salt for the eyes:

Cooking pasta water should be salty, but not excessively so. To calculate well, remember to put a spoonful for two liters of water. If you can not measure it with your eyes, check the water bottle.

Add salt at the appropriate time:

Oil to cook pasta? No, no, to say it. Without butter either. We tend to think that, in this way, the dough will not stick, but the real secret to avoiding sticking is that there is enough water to cook the pasta.

It’s time to launch to cook (MACARONI):

You will do it after putting salt and boiling water. This is the best way to avoid having to leave the kitchen for more time to count and leave. And if a lot of stir macaroni? Well, in addition to making it dizzy, we could make it deform, break, stick,  or not cook. The paste should simply be removed once, after putting the pot.

Wait a little more:

we have cooked pasta Now … what are we doing? Then turn off the heat and wait a few seconds before extending your hand. Of course, immerse yourself in cold water or talk.

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Around the sauce:

the keys of grace and taste when it comes to macaroni and it depends on the dish being round. If it is hot, it should be ready at the end of the pasta to cook and sauteed in the pan for 30 seconds. If it is cold or hot, you should always soak in pasta.

And the cheese … what? Well, the cheese in question, the fact is that we can do what we want. Of course, we must not forget that strong cheeses with flavors like Parmesan have blocked everyone, so if we want the paper or the sauce of the pasta and the filling, we should go and opt for another more neutral

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