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Under Eye Bags How To Get Rid Of

Under Eye Bags How To Get Rid Of: Under eye puffiness (slight swelling or swelling under the eyes) is common as you get older. With ageing, the tissues around your eyes, including some of the muscles that support your eyelids, become weaker. The normal fat that helps hold the eyes can then move to the lower eyelids, giving the impression that the eyelids are swollen.

Get rid of under eyes bags in 90 seconds

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Under eye bags how to get rid of in 90 seconds.
Under eye bags how to get rid of in 90 seconds.

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Do you feel old and tired because of bags under your eyes?

It is very difficult to feel fresh and alert when the eyes are tired and drooping because of the boring bags they cover. They are a sign of stress and fatigue.
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Top 9 Under Eye Bag Home Remedy

  1. Go to the potato: cut a raw potato (after refrigerating for a few minutes) in half and make a circle around the eyes gently closed with these halves. Put it in your eyes so that it also covers the swollen areas under your eyes and leave it well for 15 to 20 minutes. You will notice a considerable change in these bags as their size will decrease.
  2. Milky Way: If your eyes are very swollen, you will have to follow the usual diet. Dip the cotton swabs in the cold milk, place them on the eyelids and relax for 20-30 minutes. This well helps your eyes retain water and cool them down.
  3. Fat help: take cold water in a bowl and add a few drops of vitamin E oil; mix the two well. Dip the cotton swabs in this mixture and place them in the eyes for 20 minutes, this helps to reduce the swelling around the eyes.
  4. Cucumber Relief: Cucumbers are a great natural remedy for getting rid of swollen eyes. Take 2 slices of chilled fresh cucumber and place it on your eyes for 25 minutes. Relax with soothing and cold slices on your eyes and slip into a short nap to refresh your mind and eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties of fresh cucumber will naturally help to reduce swollen tissue.
  5. Cold tea bags: if you are in a hurry and you do not want to go with your eyes down, tea bags are the solution. Moisten two tea bags in cold water and place them in the refrigerator for a while. Then place both bags on your eyes for 25-30 minutes. Lie back and relax with the fresh tea bags over your eyes. Finish by washing your eyes and face with cold water and drying the skin well. You would feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
  6. Spoons and chilled water: It is possible to reduce the swelling of the eyes with a glass of ice water and four stainless steel spoons. Cool the spoons in water and place one on each eye. Continue changing the spoons while you let the other cool in the glass of water. Keep changing until you see improvements.
  7. Egg whites: Mix a few egg whites and apply them around the eyes with a brush. This will make the area around and under the eyes more tense and less swollen. Leave on for 20 minutes then rinse your face with cold water.
  8. Green tea bag: Place between 10 and 15 minutes with a cold or soaked chamomile or a green tea bag on each eye, then relax. The natural properties of these herbal teas help puffy eyes to regain their original size.
  9. Moisturize your body: Drink as much water as possible. Yes, it seems counterintuitive to retain water, but hydration reduces swelling. So drink a glass of water every time you notice that your eyes collapse a little.

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